Links for the Week


Anatomy of a Deadlock – Jonathan Kehayias outlines how deadlocks can occur, even in scenarios where they seemingly shouldn’t occur. I answered a question about this several weeks ago, but I couldn’t determine what the underlying cause of the deadlock was, I did not realize at the time that a SELECT would issue a Shared with Intent Exclusive lock on the table. (More on lock modes) Showplan error – Tom LaRock delves into an execution plan oddity: Are you a member of sysadmin? Can’t get an execution plan for some reason? EXECUTE AS might be the culprit.


Ext Framework, jQuery and ASP.NET – Daniel Penrod outlines how to approach using either the Ext or jQuery framework within your ASP.NET applications. JavaScript isn’t scary. jQuery makes JavaScript exceptionally easy and, dare I say it, fun. Using System.Web.Abstractions in Your WebForms Apps – Justin Etheredge covers how to make use of the new ASP.NET MVC classes in a traditional web forms application. Why might you want to do this? Testing and mocking, of course!


Big Three: Clean up your dealerships – Jason Fried (of 37signals) recently purchased a new car and writes about the appearance of the individual dealerships he visited. Appearances matter, especially on something like a car purchase. Keeping Your Head In The Cloud – Jeff Blankenburg creates a fictional t-shirt company, becomes wildly successful, begins selling to China, and solves his concurrency and uptime issues with Windows Azure!