Links for the Week 2008-12-19


Cloud Computing and me – TJay Belt delivers the best look at cloud computing that I’ve read yet. Some interesting affects of Table Partitioning – Kent Tegels discusses some interest side effects of partitioning tables and indexes. The N pillars of a well built database? – Louis Davidson is in the process of re-working his book and is thinking out loud about what makes for good database design.


Iron Python 2.0 has been released – Denis Gobo sums up the newest release of the Iron Python language. This is a big thing – dynamic languages have finally arrived on the scene in the .NET Framework. Disable WiFi with PowerShell – Rob Farley demonstrates PowerShell’s amazing abilities by giving a quick demo of how to disable WiFi through PowerShell.


Fractal – Jason Santa Maria is a Graphic Designer with Happy Cog Studios and is an avid photographer. He showcases his work on his blog in the daily photo feature. He always has a fresh take on what is sometimes a very mundane subject. Breaking the Rules – Jason Cohen gives several examples of people and companies who have broken all of the rules in grand ways and succeeded. His post can be summed up with this gem of a sentence: ‘There’s no rule that can’t be broken, so long as it’s broken with purpose.’