Goals for 2009

Since it’s the new year, and I feel like being a lemming and going along with everyone else in the blogosphere, here are my goals for 2009:

  • Learn the SQL Server BI stack. At first read this is a lofty goal. However, I don’t plan to learn and master the entire BI stack in SQL Server, but I do plan on giving it my best shot. SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, data warehousing, these are all tools that I don’t know well enough to make use of on a daily basis, yet.
  • Update my Microsoft certifications. I currently hold an MCITP Database Developer certification in SQL Server 2005. I am going to update this to 2008 and expand into the other two MCITP arenas: Database Administrator and Business Intelligence Developer.
  • Reacquaint myself with Ruby. A year ago I built a pretty nifty piece of software using Ruby on Rails (although it was mostly Ruby) to create a bridge between a unified data repository and multiple Lotus Notes databases. It was during this project that I really fell in love with Ruby’s expressive syntax and I really want to get back to using it, even if I’m only using it at home, for fun.
  • Keep up on my blogging/writing. There have been a few weeks where I haven’t posted the amount or quality of content that I would like to be posting. While I can’t hit the nail on the head every time with content, I can certainly try. Part of that is going to be sticking to a more rigorous schedule with writing. I remember from getting my BA in English that a great deal of quality writing comes from regularly writing and reviewing what you’ve written, and that is part of my grand plan.
  • Relax. Those who know me have probably heard me joke that I haven’t taken an actual vacation since I started working back in 2000. Sadly, this is true. I hope to make 2009 the first year that I take an actual vacation and do something that has nothing to do with work for more than one day. I work a lot and I really like what I do, but in a way it’s a curse because I tend to spend a lot of time working and I forget to relax and enjoy things outside of work.