Links for the Week of 2009-02-25


Index-Index-Index-Index-GOOSE! (Part One) The always short, and occasionally humorous, Tim Ford dives into the statistics DMVs and returns with a good explanation of what they are and how to use them. Suggested DBA Work Plan If you’re like me, you’re not a production DBA, yet. I’m an accidental DBA who became a development DBA who is happily on his way to becoming a production DBA. Rod Colledge put together a great list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to help keep your database running smoothly. SQL Server 2008 Proximity Search With The Geography Data Type This is just plain cool, thanks Denis!


Visual Studio 2010 Videos Get started learning visual studio now! Denis Gobo was kind enough to round up some links to VS2010 training videos from the Microsoft folks. Looks like some great features are coming for people out there in development land.


Three Panel Soul – On Rabbits Three panels of a comic. This one is about sneaky, sneaky wabbits. AMP Font Viewer Do you like fonts? I like fonts. We should hang out. Bad references to Idiocracy aside, AMP Font viewer is a free font manager for windows. If you, like me, have multiple gigabytes of TrueType and OpenType fonts, then this will be a great managing that mess of fonts. This was just too cool to not share