Links for the Week of 2009.04.03


How is running on SQL Server Video talk about the MySpace backend. Good stuff. Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools The VSTSDD Power Tools are some sweet extensions to visual studio that will make life much much easier for anyone who is using Database Developer GDR. My personal favorite is sqlspp.exe which takes the SQLCMD scripts that are generated on deploy and turns them into something that anyone can run in SSMS.


Cincinnati Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Firestarter Want to learn more about ORMs? Live near Cinci? This is a good event for you! I’m sad to see that my favorite ORM (LLBLGen) isn’t on the list. It’s an impressive tool, but it goes far beyond being a simple mapper, so maybe it doesn’t really belong. The Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever


30 Fresh and Promising Design Blogs to Follow Design is key to helping people understand information. These 30 blogs cover web, graphic, and print design. Let’s hope that they help someone turn a good design into a great one! Besides, design is always cool. We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence A unique photo montage. Interviewing a Potential Employer Aaron Alton provides a slew of helpful information about how to interview your employer while they’re interviewing you. These go a bit more in depth than some of the previous interview tips I’ve seen and they’re a great way to get to the bottom of what a company is all about.