Links for the Week of 2009.04.10


A Web Based Search for Books Online Buck Woody provides links to macros for MSDN search that will give the search bar in your browser the ability to search online inside Books Online. This has become my go to method for searching BOL. It’s much faster than opening the desktop BOL client and the results are typically exactly what I need. The Third Pillar – Fundamentally Sound Louis Davidson discusses the third (of seven) pillars of database design. PASS Update SQL Batman infiltrated the lair of PASS in the last round of elections and is now providing insider reports on what’s happening in our world of databases. Or something like that.


Meet and Code Recap My friend, co-worker, and co-conspirator in development mischief has provided a recap on the Meet and Code event that we put together a few weeks ago. It’s well worth checking out to get his thoughts on the thing. Especially since I wrote my thoughts on a combined total of 9 hours of sleep for the weekend.


Narrative Planetarium Ideas for exploring narratives provided by the night time view of a city’s skyline. A Day in the Life of the Boss (NSFW) Normally I (probably) wouldn’t link to something NSFW, but in this case this was too funny. Really it’s just bad language in a flow chart, but some people could be offended. You have been warned, this link contains offensive language (and no, it’s not the words ‘CREATE CURSOR’).