Links for the Week of 2009.05.01


Where isn’t there automatic in SQL Server? What’s great is that a co-worker and I were arguing about this very thing last night. He wanted to know why there wasn’t a ‘better language’ than SQL to use that would make it easier/more optimal to use functions while querying a database. I tried to explain that it wasn’t SQL that was the issue but dealing with a variety of optimizations and what not. I didn’t do a good job. Paul does a good job of explaining. Go read Paul’s take on things. Microsoft Project Gemini links Occasionally I’ll get asked about Project Gemini links, usually right after I talk about the demos we were shown way back in November at PASS. Now I have a resource, thanks to Donald Farmer. Analyze This – Analyze Your Indexes Part 6 Jason Strate concludes his series of articles on analyzing index with this amazing finale of a query.


ELMAH: Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (and MVC too!)A great over view of an error logging/handling module. I hate writing this stuff, I really do. Why bother re-implementing it with minor variations? Why not just configure something? Now you can. Is it time to move beyond 960? Cameron Moll dares to ask the important question: Can we finally make web pages for people with normal size monitors?


The #1 Secret to Building Your Skill Set is… I’ll the secret out: it’s discipline. Read on for some great tips from KBK. … I have no words for how cool this is Delicious Library scanning Have Delicious Library? Want to get a USB barcode scanner to work on your mac but don’t know how? Now you do.