Links for the Week


GUID Ordering in SQL Server – Look, I know what I’ve said about GUIDs. Nobody wants them around, except developers. The point is that sometimes GUIDs are a necessity. We all might as well learn how to deal with them. Martin Bell does a great job of talking about the various ways of generating GUIDs and the pros and cons of each. Fast ordered delete – Ever want to know how to efficiently perform an ordered delete over a large quantity of data? Wonder no more. UPDATE Statements and Indexes – Rob Boek shows how to use some cunning wizardry and dynamic SQL to minimize the data values that you change in the database while performing and update operation.


Introducing TypekitJeff Veen andJason Santa Maria have come to gether to bring use Typekit – a way to embed real, honest to goodness fonts on the web. They’ve worked with various font foundries to create web-only licensing that should make the need for Flash techniques like sIFR obsolete. For more on the current, shabby, state of fonts on the web, visit Web fonts now (how we’re doing with that) An nUnit testfixture file template for resharper that also conforms to stylecop laws – ReSharper is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’ll be honest, I miss this tool when I’m not at my home machine or when I’m not in Visual Studio and I’m trying to write some code.


The Vendor/Client Relationship… in the real world. I laugh at this because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Now, where do I get my ‘Friends of Brent’ discount? How to Buy a Suit Online which was promptly followed by From the Comments: How to Get a Great Suit