Changing SSMS and Visual Studio Default Project Location

Changing the location of the default projects folder in Visual Studio is super easy to do. Just click the Tools menu, choose Options, and then select the Projects and Solutions tab to change the default projects folder location:

[caption id="attachment_643” align="alignnone” width="760”]Changing default projects is fun! Changing default projects is fun![/caption]

Sadly, this doesn’t change anything for SSMS. Why? I don’t know. However, I do know how to change this in SSMS. Well, google told me.

  1. Open up your favorite text editor.
  2. Navigate to My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Settings
  3. Open up the .vssettings file in there. On my computer it was CurrentSettings-2009-05-24
  4. Search for the text “ProjectsLocation”
  5. You want to find a section that looks like <PropertyValue name="ProjectsLocation">%vsspv_visualstudio_dir%\Projects</PropertyValue>and go ahead and change the text value of that XML element to whatever you want it to be. (I chose C:\Projects!)
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  7. Code