Links for the Week of 2009.06.12


Denis Gobo provides a double dose of dynamic SQL hotness via Changing exec to sp_executesql doesn’t provide any benefit if you are not using parameters correctly and Avoid Conversions In Execution Plans By Using sp_executesql Instead of Exec. Following his tips in here will net you some considerable benefits in how your dynamic SQL behaves and performs in your production applications. The best part is that he provides a huge amount of example code to back up everything he’s saying. Free SQL Server tools that might make your life a little easier Mladen Prajdic maintains an amazing list of free tools to help data folks get their job done. SSMS Tools Pack (which Mladen created and maintains) is incredibly helpful. I suspect that if he finds these other tools useful, they’ll probably save you many many hours over the years to come. SQL Server Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks This isn’t a blog post so much as it is really important to keep around. It’s just a list of tips and tricks to keep things easy and painless with SSMS. If you didn’t check out the pain of the week webcast with Michelle Ufford and Brent Ozar on SSMS, you should do so when you get the chance, it’s well worth it! More SQL Server Training Videos Training. Free. Videos. I’m in there, that’s really all the reason you need to visit that link. BONUSTen SQL Server Functions That You Have Ignored Until Now Bonus link from Denis Gobo, once again, covering some great, little known, SQL Server functions.


Unit Testing is Not a “Figure It Out Later” Read this. Read this now. Do it. We’ll still be here. Stop what you’re doing and read this. I cannot stress how important it is for you to read this, even us data folks. If I could put a blink tag around this paragraph, I would. (Thanks to Stephen Wright for finding this link.) Defensive Programming – Assumptions Must be Guaranteed or TestedAaron Alton blogs about the importance of defensive programming. While this is specifically from a SQL Server standpoint, it’s important no matter which language you’re using. In fact, Aaron proves an important point – you can put any development practice to use in any language.


Improving your intranet – keep it sustainable using kaizen – Patrick Walsh talks about using kaizen to produce evolutionary improvements to an intranet. You could do this with anything, really, but it’s a good read either way you look at it. I cheated and stole the last two links from Lifehacker, but they’re just too good to not share. Makes Special Characters Easy to Paste Yup, easy. Nice. Easy mode: engage. LiberKey Installs 200+ Portable Applications I have too many thumbdrives laying around the house. Now I have a use for them.