Links for the Week of 2009.07.10


Object Naming Standards Scott Herbert put up an overview of the naming standards that he uses. Like the obnoxious lout that I am, I commented. The point is, of course, to use naming standards. Take a look at Scott’s for an example. No SQL There’s a big hullabaloo going on about this whole “No SQL” movement. Here’s Andrew Fryer’s take on it. Performance Counter for SQL Server Ever want to know what those performance counters actually mean?


Thrive for Developers is Online Brian Prince, a great guy and former co-worker, highlights some of the benefits of the newly launched Thrive for Developers program. Check it out for some more info on how to improve your career and how MS can help you do it! 10 Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug Firebug is the best tool for web development that I have found so far. These extensions make it even better.


Anticipate Your Interviewer’s Next Question to Ace Your Job InterviewGood interviewing advice can be found here. Day made, mind blown: it’s Portal in ASCII Oh No You Didn’t! Everyone needs a chair like this.