From Tables to Objects: Resources

Here are the slides and sample code from my recent presentation “From Tables to Objects” that I gave at the Central Ohio .NET Developer Group. To those who did not attend, you can skip the rest of this post unless you want some NHibernate and SQL Server resources. NHForge – this is the project home page for NHibernate. Fluent NHibernate – download Fluent NHibernate. NHProf – NHibernate Profiler NH Contrib – Additional, non-core, NHibernate libraries, includes NHibernate.Linq What’s new in NHibernate 2.1 Using Sparse Columns If you were at CONDG and would like to rate my talk, please go toSpeakerRate and let me know what you thought. I’d love to hear your open, honest feedback so I can improve the information and experience I share with you. To create the sample database for this project, create a copy of the AdventureWorks database and rename it to ftto. The rest of the data and tables created are in the ftto.sql script. It’s just that simple. From Tables to Objects Source Code From Tables to Objects PowerPoint