Links for the Week of 2009.07.24


Learn Microsoft BI So you want to learn all about the BI, do ya? Lots of videos. Lots and lots of videos. They’re all free. Getting a NEWSEQUENTIALID() How do you get the ID that’s created after an insert if you’re using NEWID() or NEWSEQUENTIALID()? Pat Wright has the answer! (Hint: The answer is not “a taco truck”.)


Nobody Hates Software More Than Software Developers I couldn’t agree with Jeff more. Most software is atrocious. I recently bought a new printer. I wanted to get duplexing to work. I searched for the feature for hours before sighing and decided that it must be hidden in a secret driver on the CD that came with the printer. After putting the CD in the drive, the installer opened, was ugly, ran for five minutes, and promptly crashed while citing that it did not actually know the reason for the crash. The duplexing feature was later found in a secretly control panel option of the generic driver. The point is: software sucks. What’s new in NHibernate 2.1 Did you know that NHibernate 2.1 is out? Did you know that it has new features? Did you know that Andrei Volkov is using my old blog theme?


BRIBERY, THREATS, BROKEN-DOWN VEHICLES, LAWSUITS, PIONEERS, GOOD FOOD: TALES FROM OC’S TACO TRUCKS I love taco trucks,loncheras, whatever you want to call them. The food is hot, cheap, and amazing. Reading the story behind some of them was pretty cool, too. Columbus Taco Trucks IN the same vein, here’s a blog that maps and reviews all of the taco trucks in the greater Columbus area. PingWire is a near-live feed of images being posted to twitpic, yfrog, and twitgoo. It’s pretty cool.