Free and Cheap Stuff!

That’s right, free and/or cheap stuff. Right now you’re probably saying to yourself “ZOMG! He’s got free stuff!”


So, what do I know about that’s free? Data Cleansing with SSIS – Eric Veerman is going to be talking all about data cleansing. You know, getting all of the crud and nastiness out of your incoming data. You know, the data where people have extra spaces in their name because your CRM system treats that as a different person and sales people can steal commissions if it’s a “new” customer. SQL Lunch: Historical DMV Information Thomas LeBlanc is giving this presentation. Here’s what he has to say about it: DMV are great to find information about performance without running a trace. But there information is lost once the SQL Server service is restarted. After finding some useful scripts online (Thanks SQL Server community!!!), I decided to schedule a job to run the night before to store Index Usage, Least Used Indexes, SP Usage, Missing Index and Expensive CPU Usage. We will review the scripts and historical data captured. CBusPASS – the Columbus, OH PASS Chapter – is meeting tomorrow, September 10th, at 6:30PM. Joe Webb will be giving his presentation Locking and Blocking Made Simple: A good working knowledge of how SQL Server makes use of locking and transaction isolation levels can go a long way toward improving an application’s performance. In this session, we will explore SQL Server’s locking methodology and discover techniques for enhancing query response times. Some of the 24 Hours of PASS Sessions are now online for viewing. Check them out and get your learn on!


Remember how I posted about getting to PASS on the cheap? Or how about that interview I did with Thomas LaRock about getting to PASS on the cheap? Well, thanks to some some great volunteers we now have a forum for the Summit! The point of the forum is to help you save money bu sharing a room with another attendee, a ride, or to coordinate social get togethers. We really want you to come to the PASS Summit and have fun. I really do. Really.