MVP This!

I found out this morning that I am a SQL Server MVP. Well, I’m assuming that I’m a SQL Server MVP since that’s pretty much all I blog about. I actually found out via twitter when fellow inductee Brent Ozar re-tweeted Suzanna Moran. It’s for reals, yo! There’s a lot I could say about this, but most of it would be babbling. In the end, here’s what I’ve got: The last year and a bit of my life has been phenomenal. I got my first professional certifications, attended the PASS Summit, became a full time SQL Server developer, started a local PASS chapter, took over the Application Development virtual chapter, presented at several user groups and code camps, accepted as an alternate speaker at the PASS Summit, and was asked by Jonathan Kehayias to co-author a book about SQL Server. So, thanks to you, members of the community. You make all of this so much fun to do on a daily basis. (“This” being any value of “this” that involves helping out community but not sending bacon to members of the community.) Seriously, everyone at PASS, Microsoft, bloggers, forum people, and twitter addicts, you guys make this Second, I want to thank both my employer, HMB Information System Developers, and my clients for your support, tolerance, and patience. I’m grateful for your support of my efforts serving the developer/DBA community, your tolerance of the occasional distraction, and being patient when I spazz out about something amazing going on in the SQL Server community. Seriously, your support makes coming to work even more fun. Thank you.