Links for the week – 2009.10.02


Developers, use Profiler to profile yourself John Sterrett goes over how to use profiler to profile your own SSMS session. Toys and Tools Mike Hillwig put together a list of great SQL Server tools. The ABCs of Management Studio Shortcuts Glory be to keyboard shortcuts


ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2 New MVC hotness has been released. Yes, it’s a preview, but this contains some interesting features. Better get it while the getting is good!


Google Search Options Offer More Recent, Personal Results Ever get really frustrated searching for something that you saw online? Ever know that the blog you’re looking for was written a week ago? Google’s new search options will let you narrow down your search with some particularly specific criteria. Why Good Writing Matters – And How You Can Improve Good writing is incredibly important. There’s a reason why I spent four years of my life studying writing: I knew that learning how to communicate effectively was important and that I could learn most skills (apart from rocket surgery) on the job. 29 ways to ingrain a behavior Forming habits is difficult. Especially when you’re trying to build new habits and get rid of old ones. 29 tips to help you change.