Random Thoughts for Enjoying the PASS Summit

Have as many mobile devices with connectivity available as possible. Have a camera ready and charged. Charge everything every night. Even if it’s at 95% charge: charge it. Pick sessions that challenge you. Pick sessions you know nothing about. Make back up plans for sessions you want to see, just in case. Don’t make plans. Be flexible. Don’t trust the wi-fi. Pack light. Don’t be afraid to ask vendors for swag. Drink water. Walk everywhere. Wear good socks. Plan to be tired. Take a backup. Carry a pen and paper. Carry a pencil. Carry business cards. Don’t carry books – they’re heavy. Plan on 5 nines of uptime – you can sleep during the maintenance window. Caffeine is your friend. Drink water. Be open to conversation. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Introduce yourself to everyone. Don’t loiter – stand and talk instead. Slide decks are downloadable; conversations aren’t. Carry snacks. See the city. Take time to breathe. Take time to sit. Don’t be afraid. Learn. I started this in the comments on Colin Stasiuk’s post – 4 Weeks Away from the PASS Summit and thought I would continue it here.