What I’m Reading – 2010-09-10 Edition

ISO Time Formatting Standards Read it. Love it. Use it. Reducing Bloat Without Locking Just in case you wanted to know all about ghost record clean up in PostgreSQL land. Links and Link Walking Links are crazy awesome fun and make riak a wonderful thing to behold. BEHOLD THE LINKS! Cassandra Data Model Cheat Sheet New terminology is confusing. Pictures are helpful. Setting the record straight – “So, What is an MVP Anyway?” Awards like Microsoft’s MVP award are ways for companies to recognize the help that people selflessly give to the community at large. Like many other awards, it’s an acknowledgement of something you’ve done and continue to do without seeking any recognition or monetary reward. My good friend Jonathan shares his thoughts much better than I could. A Brief History of Programming Quotes on Car Design Ford’s chief designer sounds off. Tiny Pony Stampede Scattered thoughts from a visitor to the post office.