What I'm Reading 2010-09-17

Facebook Privacy Settings for Bigamists The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy Your brain plays tricks on you and looks for patterns everywhere. Don’t be that guy. Cognitive Load A world with more heads up displays and instantly available information carries a lot of distraction. I don’t want more information constantly streaming into my brain. I want the right information instantly available, when I choose it. Peak MHz Scale out, young man. Scale out. Online Schema Change for MySQL Facebook have special problems – they have mountains of data. This document is a collection of internal documents describing how the engineers at facebook make changes to their massive databases. Performance implications using NewID() in Random order Is Cassandra to Blame For Digg v4s Technical Failures? Lost World’s Fairs Beautiful HTML and CSS work that showcases the newer features in IE9 (also WebKit, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and FF). This will not be good for you if you have an older browser. You have been warned. The various people involved have blogged about the process, too. It’s quite interesting to read. Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria, Trent Walton, Naz Hamid, andDave Rupert