What I'm Reading 2010-10-08

Cassandra: RandomPartitioner vs OrderPreservingPartitioner Data order is important in relational databases and it’s something that you need to be aware of with a non-relational database, too. Improperly ordered data can put a huge load on a few nodes in a cluster. This article goes over the trade-offs in Cassandra of using a random data order vs key ordered data. liblfds Want to write your own NoSQL database in C? These (free) libraries should make it pretty easy to do. They’d probably work good for other projects. If nothing else, it’s a good read to see how some of the underlying data structures are implemented. Riak Bitcask Capacity Planning Spreadsheet We have capacity planning tools for our relational database, why not have one for our non-relational databases? Foursquare outage post mortem Foursquare uses the NoSQLs (specifically MongoDB). They had a big nasty outage last week. One of the interesting things this thread brings up is that NoSQL databases still require a good knowledge of their internals in high performance scenarios. You can’t abstract away the problems even if you abstract away how data is stored on disk. Relational Data, Document Databases and Schema Design There are some things that are really different. Get your learn on. Prime Number Shitting Bear