Twelve Days of SQL – Day (2 – 1)

The Story So Far

Brent Ozar (blog | twitter) asked me to pick a favorite blog post for the year. Since I couldn’t pick anything I wrote (yes, I love myself that much), I had to pick one from the community. Since just about everyone in Brent’s crazy list of crazy blogs about SQL, I had to pick someone from the SQL Server community.

My Favorite Blog Post This Year

Earlier this year, Mladen Prajdić posted SQL Server – Undelete a Table and Restore a Single Table from Backup. I love this post for a couple of reasons. First, it’s completely crazy. Mladen had a strange idea and then ran with it. Rather than accept conventional thinking that it isn’t possible to restore a single table from a backup, Mladen opened up SSMS and started prodding at the inside of SQL Server. The second reason I love this post is because the explanation is clear and the code well documented. Mladen ran the code by me before he published the post. Normally, I can’t read other people’s code without a tremendous amount of time and energy. His code was clear enough to stand on its own.

Coming Up Next

Grant Fritchey (blog | twitter) is up next. Grant has been a huge inspiration to me – he’s humble, intelligent, and genuinely interested in helping out. When he’s not terrifying developers at a large insurance company, he is a scout leader, father, geek, and kilt connoisseur. Grant’s post drops tomorrow – December 10 – so be on the look out.