In the Event That Everything Should Go Terribly Right

Astute readers and internet stalkers will have noticed that I left my job at Quest Software back in March. I wasn’t unhappy, I just had the opportunity to take my show on the road and go solo. I’ve had the idea of being my own boss in the back of my head for along time. Suddenly I was confronted with a situation where a former pipe dream was all too real. I talked it over with a few friends and made the plunge. Right around the same time, I started talking to Brent about his plans. This turned into talking to Brent and Tim about their plans. Then we looped Kendra in. It turns out that we all have similar goals and dreams. It only made sense to join forces and fight crime together! After evaluating the insurance costs of fighting crime we decided to become consultants. And thus Brent Ozar PLFwas born. I’ve never been more excited to work with a group of people. Brent, Tim, and Kendra have always gotten along. I’ve never felt more supported and challenged by a group of people. My business partners are three friends who have always encouraged me to excel. Whether it’s been learning about SQL Server, Ruby, or non-relational databases, these three have been there supporting me every step of the way, even when we’ve disagreed. I could make a list of all of the other reasons that I’m looking forward to building this business, but it all boils down to the way we interact. Brent, Tim, and Kendra challenge me to be better at everything I do. Whether it’s my SQL Server skills, writing, or presenting, they’re always there helping me get better. I couldn’t ask for a better core group of friends to join me on this new endeavor. What does the future hold? In terms of business, I’m excited to be building a business with Brent, Tim, and Kendra. Our interests are similar enough that we complement each other but they’re diverse enough that I know we’re going to educate and challenge each other. You can learn more about our services at If you want toget in touch, you can do that too.