Updating a Pull Request

Let’s say you’ve gone and contributed to a project that’s hosted on GitHub. The usual way to do this is to fork the repository, make some changes on a branch in your own repository, and then send a pull requestback to the original author. What if you need to change something after you’ve submitted a pull request? I ran into this situation the other day after submitting a pull request to the basho_docs repository - there were some clarifications needed to the C# Taste of Riak. While you could track the history, here’s what happened:

Looking at both URLs there, you can see that they’re pointed at my cloned version - peschkaj/basho_docs. I spent 30 minutes attempting to figure out how to push my local changes to the pull request only to realize: pushing code to the branch used to submit the pull request meant that my changes were reflected in the pull request.