I live in Maine with my lovely wife - Kendra - and two corigs - Stormy and Freyja. I work at Stack Overflow where I am a Staff Software Developer building the underlying platforms used by many teams.

I started off my career as a UNIX system administrator taking care of big iron UNIX running HP-UX and Solaris. Throughout my career, I became impressed with the power of data and databases; I figured out that a few well-formed lines of code in a database can lead to greater performance than tuning application code.

In early 2011, I started Brent Ozar Unlimited with Brent Ozar and Kendra Little. We had a vision about how consulting should work – we love sharing what we know and that is a primary goal of our training. It was a lot of fun, but in 2015 it was time to move on. That lead to an adventure as a graduate student at Portland State University. While there I studied the intersection of functional programming and operating systems.

Somewhere in there, I wrote a database client for Riak, did silly things with emacs, wrote several flake generators (Rust and C#), and spend some time on the Rust documentation team. When I’m not writing code, I spend time with my friends, family, and dogs.