Setting up Docker on Windows

Containers give developers a way to rapidly re-create their environment at the drop of a hat. Containers are coming to Windows really soon. Docker is a great tool to help you manage all of those magical containers. I recently set up Docker in my desktop and I lived to talk about it. Here’s the scoop: If you haven’t already, install Hyper-V Make sure you have an external Hyper-V switch. You can check using Get-VMSwitch | where { $_.

The Cloud: Operations for the Lazy

Look, operations can be a lot of work if you’re doing it wrong. Nobody wants to do busy work. That’s why we invented computers and robotic servitors, right? [caption id=“attachment_986” align=“alignright” width=“416”]This is not a helpful robot[/caption] Being Lazy the Right Way It’s said that laziness is one of the three great virtues of a programmer. But why let programmers have all the fun? Think about all the things that happen in operations that you wished you never had to do again.