Missing cookies in jQuery AJAX callbacks?

For my current project, we’re making use of a large number of jQuery AJAX callbacks, as well as cookies, to deliver some rich functionality to the users of a web site. Unfortunately this created a little bit of an issue when trying get this to work in IE7. Here’s what I originally attempted: function do_something() { $.ajax({ url: 'http://example.com/AjaxRocks', type: 'POST', dataype: 'json', success: success_response }); } function success_response(json) { var cookie_data = load_data_from_cookie(); // the implementation of this is not important // unfortunately, cookie_data is null so this doesn't really give us the important cookie_data } For some reason, the full contents of document.cookie are not available from inside the success_response function call. The solution? Load the cookie’d data before making the AJAX call: function do_something() { var cookie_data = load_data_from_cookie(); $.ajax({ url: 'http://example.com/AjaxRocks', type: 'POST', dataype: 'json', success: function(json) { success_response(json, cookie_data); } }); } function success_response(json, cookie_data) { // do something successful }