Links For The Week


Scripting DBA Actions – Dan Jones (Microsoft SQL Server team member) has put together a great overview of his tips and techniques for automating DBA tasks. This comes as a direct result of sitting in on the panel discussion on automation from PASS. Summer Camp for DBA’s (#SQLPASS) is over for 2008 – TJay Belt summarizes what he got out of PASS and how we were all able to use twitter to keep up to date on conference happenings. TJay is right on the money about twitter and I would expect to see him writing and doing some pretty cool things with twitter sometime between now and the next PASS Summit. PASS Session on Analytics by Donald Farmer (#sqlpass) – Brent summarizes what was, without a doubt, my favorite session at PASS. The new things that are coming in analysis and business intelligence make this sector very compelling. Those kids won’t eat anything! – A practical example of the analysis tools that Donald Farmer spoke about. Jamie used the Predication Calculator to determine what foods his exceptionally picky kids will eat. There are some good examples that will be hilarious to anyone who has ever tried to get a picky kid to eat.