Links for the Week of 2009-02-20


Missing Index Information and Query Stats Grant Fritchey put together a nice little query to pull XML query plans out of the DMVs. Thankfully, these plans can also tell use which indexes are missing Scalar Functions vs. Table Valued Functions vs. Inline Code Aaron Alton does some testing on these three to determine which is the most performant.


Reducing the cost of getting a stack trace Exceptions are expensive. Getting a full stack trace is expensive. Ayende Rahien shows you how to make this a little bit cheaper. GUI design and prototyping tools We’ve all had to create a UI at some point. Fabrice Marguerie has a list of some great UI prototyping tools. (Also check out the UI design pattern library post)


20 tips for better conference speaking Cameron Moll is a designer whose skills I’ve greatly admired. But, in addition to being a phenomenal designer, he’s also a great speaker. Here he shares some tips to help the rest of us become better speakers too. Public Speaking: A Primer Paul Randal provides a nice introduction to public speaking. Like Cameron’s article, there are some great items in there. Yes, I do have speaking and presenting on the brain. I’m going to be presenting three times in the next two months.