Links for the Week 2009-03-27


Database Manager for IIS 7 RC Preview IIS 7 has a lot of great features built-in, not the least of which is its ability to host mini-apps. Ever use PHPMySQLAdmin? Ever wish you had a tool like that for SQL Server? Now you do. Developers rejoice, you no longer need to install SSMS after Visual Studio installs a copy of SQL Server that you can only access programmatically. Database Maintenance Best Practices Part II – Setting FILLFACTOR Ever want to know more about FILLFACTOR than you ever thought you wanted to know? Kim Tripp takes a look into an oft overlooked aspect of index and database design/tuning. I now know more about FILLFACTOR than I thought there was to know. Dev, Test and Production SQL Server environments Ever wonder what smart people think about how to dest up a dev, test, and production SQL Server environment? Brent Ozar goes over his ideas and best practices for a SQL Server environment based on years of tried and true experience.


Mega drop-down navigation at Basecamp and Rails Guides site While this isn’t exactly development related, it’s web development, which is close enough in my book. UI styling is very important – it influences how the users interact with your application and, most importantly, how they perceive and interact with the underlying data. Make this action easier and painless and the users will be much happier (trust me). Visual Studio Addins – SmartPaster and CopySourceAsHTML Ever want to paste in text as code documentation? How about as a #region in your C#? Ever want to export that method as highlighted HTML? Well, now you can do that easily!


Logon Changer Customizes the Windows 7 Login Screen Want to pretty up your Windows 7 machine with a custom login screen? DO IT! Extreme Sheep LED Art Special thanks to William Gibson for bringin