Happy Contribupendence Day

Last year, Jeff Blankeburg came up with the idea of Contribupendence Day. To save you from visiting Jeff’s site and reading another blog post, Contribupendence day is a day when we acknowledge the people who help out our community. Update: It’s completely remiss of me not to tag the person who tagged me.Carey Payette singled me out this year. I can’t say enough great things about her community involvement and the time she puts in to running the Central Ohio dot Net Developers Group. Mladen Prajdić – Mladen is slowly becoming better known in the SQL Server community, in large part because of SSMS Tools Pack. What many people don’t realize is that Mladen is a phenomenal SQL developer in his own right and is more than happy to share that knowledge via twitter and email. He even braved the time zone difference (he lives in Slovenia) and presented for the PASS Application Development virtual chapter. He is easily able to explain complex concepts and has always been more than happy to share his knowledge with others. Thomas LaRock – Tom helps out PASS as a member of the Board of Directors. He helps out the community as an active blogger and twitterer. Outside of blogging and tweeting, Tom is always a phenomenal voice of reason and is able to see both sides of a situation – both as a developer/DBA and from the perspective of business users. Michelle Ufford – Michelle is a developer DBA with GoDaddy.com and an active member of the SQL Server community. In addition to being a blogger, she is heavily involved in the I380 Corridor PASS chapter, organizing the East Iowa SQL Saturday, and maintaining her index maintenance scripts at SQL Server Pedia. Michelle is active on twitter as sqlfool and is always willing to help out with SQL questions. Michelle has also been working heavily to start up the Performance virtual chapter for PASS. Brent Ozar – Brent’s involvement in the SQL Server community never ceases to amaze. He blogs prolifically on his personal website, is the Editor-in-Chief ofSQL Server Pedia, is building up the Virtualization virtual chapter of PASS, records podcasts, presents for user groups both in person and remotely, and is very active on twitter as BrentO. Brent is incredibly knowledgable about SQL Server, SAN configuration, T-SQL, and server consolidation and virtualization. He has always taken the time to help me understand SQL Server concepts and has guided my knoweldge as I’ve been learning more about performance tuning SQL Server and the underlying OS and disk structure. All of these people happily contribute their knowledge and free time to make the SQL Server community a better place.