T-SQL Tuesday 4: Io, Io, it’s off to disk we go

[caption id=“attachment_1407” align=“alignright” width=“145”] Fact: the earliest recorded use of cloud computing was ancient Greek porn.[/caption] Io was a nymph. True story. Apparently, her father was some kind of river god. In modern times that means you’re likely to catch fire. Back in the days when the Greeks were in charge of things being a river god meant that you were somebody (the Greeks thought the earth was a giant brass plate floating a huge river, all of which was created by perverts who lived on top of a mountain). So, apparently Io’s dad was important. Anyway, it is rumored that Io was attractive. So attractive, in fact, that Zeus, lord of the perverts, saw her taking a bath and got more than a little bit aroused. Zeus then behaved in a way that would end up in a savage beating and restraining order back where I come from – he pestered Io for nookie until her father drove her out of the house – probably because some horny lunatic who could shoot children out of his foreheadwas bothering his daughter. Io, being a bit strange in the head, relented. Or something. My records aren’t 100% clear seeing as how they’ve been written on pottery. The point is that Zeus turned into a giant cloud and turned Io into a cow (no, your hooves don’t make you look fat). Somehow Zeus’s wife got involved and there was bondage involving a cow tied to a tree or something. Eventually Io gets turned back into a real live girl and gives birth to Zeus’s son. Which brought about an ethics probe into cross-species cloning. Disk… disk… oh yeah I already mentioned that the ancient Greeks were clearly insane and thought that the world was a giant metal plate floating on a huge river name Oceanus all of it encased in a hemisphere with clouds and the sun and the moon and stuff painted all over the inside of the hemisphere. What’s outside of the hemisphere? Shut up, that’s what. It’s turtles all the way down. There’s a bit of humor thrown into your T-SQL Tuesday.