Setting Up SQL*Plus in emacs

Emacs is a delightfully complex editor and, for those who love it, the only way they want to interact with the world. I’m a convert. I also work with relational databases. I wanted to add more functionality to emacs - I wanted to query Oracle directly from my text editor. Install SQL*Plus To get SQL*Plus working, grab a copy of the Oracle Instant Client and get cracking. Oracle have already documented this process, and your favorite distribution has probably done so, too.

Are You Sure That's a Benchmark?

What’s the Point of a Benchmark? Wikipedia alleges that a benchmark is meant to make it easier to compare different computer systems just by looking at a number. For a benchmark to be useful, it should be run independently. How can I compare my graphics card to your graphics card if we can’t run the same test? So, a benchmark would let you and I run the same set of code and reach a similar result.