Links for the week of 2009-01-09


The first pillar – A Coherent Design Louis Davidson has started to go in depth into his pillars of database design. Louis clearly explains what a coherent database design is and why it’s important. sp_indexinfo – enhanced index information procedure Tibor Karaszi has put together a custom stored procedure to provide additional information about tables and indexes, including missing indexes on a table. Start / Stop SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and SQL Server Agent at once with a batch file Jorg Klein has posted a batch file to stop/start SQL Server and associated services on command. When I develop at home, I using a black MacBook and run Windows in a VM. While memory isn’t at a premium, CPU cycles sometimes are. I’m sure this will come in very handy for speeding up the boot time of my virtual machine. Seek or Scan? Gail provides some insight as to why you might be seeing an index scan instead of an index seek and why you should be using covering indexes. Free eBook from RedGate : Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans (Grant Fritchey) Jonathan Kehayais provides a link to an amazing book by Grant Fritchey. Grant dives into how to read execution plans. I’ve read one chapter and I’m looking forward to reading the rest.


NH Prof New Feature: The Query Cache NHibernate fans, it is time to rejoice! NHProf has a new feature (still in dev) that lets you view the queries being sent to the database. 10 jQuery scripts to improve your site’s interface Designer Daily has published links to 10 sweet jQuery plugins for improving your UI. I’m a huge fan of jQuery – I get access to a massive library of cross-browser plugins and functionality that I would otherwise have to develop myself and I get access to an amazing library of base functions that let me rapidly build a functioning website.


Networking – Part 2 Andy Warren talks a bit about how he feels regarding networking. When I first started thinking about networking more, I felt a bit dirty – like I would have to go push myself like some kind of used car salesman (no offense to any used car salespeople reading this blog, I’m sure you’re great people, you just have a reputation). After talking to co-workers and friends, I realized it’s not about selling your brand but expanding your horizons. Glad to see that someone else agrees with me. Setting Up a Killer Demo Buck Woody gives 12 great techniques to make your presentations and demos even better. I have three presentations coming up in the next three months, so I’ll be referring to this post a great deal as I prepare.