Links for the Week of 2009.04.17


The DBA… their role, expectations and future? What should a DBA be doing on a daily basis? What does their job entail? Here’s one version of that idea. Spying on Your SPIDs: It’s sp_who but Better Even more info on how my users are ruining my database? YES PLEASE!


Using jQuery Grid With ASP.NET MVC jQuery: win. ASP.NET MVC: win. jQuery + ASP.NET: double win! Phil Haack walks through using custom jQuery controls in this quick tutorial on jQuery and ASP.NET MVC 5 Blogs ASP.NET MVC Developers Should Be Following Love it or hate it, ASP.NET MVC is here and it’s the way of future ASP.NET development. Justin Etheredge lists out 5 + 1 blogs you should follow to pick up on ASP.NET MVC.


FREE MAGIC WANDS! Michael Ruhlman on Freeing Yourself from Recipes Free yourself from the tyranny of recipes by understanding ratios!