My First Microsoft Connect Item

I finally feel like a real SQL Server professional! I’ve submitted my first Connect feedback to Microsoft for a new feature of SQL Server: BOL for mobile devices. This is a dream I’ve had since I first got my grubby little paws on my iPhone. Every day since then I’ve dreamed of having a copy of SQL Server Books Online on my iPhone. It would be better than games and movies on my iPhone. Heck, this would be better than just about any app for the iPhone. I even mentioned it to every Microsoft employee I could find at the PASS Summit. Most of them looked at me like I was at least a little bit crazy. Why am I up in arms about this? Do you know how many SQL questions I field? I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this blog you do know how many SQL questions I field because you probably field more questions than I do. I get a lot of these questions when I’m nowhere near a computer and I’m not about to try to use MSDN over the EDGE network on a tiny little screen, which makes it tough to answer them. Plus, I wouldn’t have to lug giant SQL books to the doctor’s office so I have reading material. Instead I could pull out my trusty mobile device and read all about SQL Server while I wait for far too long to be told I’m not sick. If you like the idea of having access to BOL anywhere you are, please vote forthis Microsoft Connect item. Frankly, you just vote for it because it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.